Tuesday, 26 July 2011

New Beginnings

Hi all I'm BACK!

As you may be able to tell I've deleted all my posts, reason being that I just felt that I needed to start a new. Fresh start and new beginnings and all! I wanted to get focused and start this up again and I hope to update this every day, emphasis on the hope.

For all you that have stayed following this blog thank you so much for sticking with it. I'm going to try so much harder to make this work. So here's a little update on what I've been up to.

*Within my personal life I have a new boyfriend in my life and lets just call him the Mr. We've been together for a year and I'm really enjoying life with him and the exciting adventures we've been having together, so if its ok with you all (and him) he may feature in some of my future posts.

*On the work front I'm still working in my 9-5 job and trying to save up to move out in January (exciting and very very very scary) so the freelance unpaid film and TV make up work has had to go on the back burner for the last year as being able to provide for myself is my priority at the moment and unfortunately I couldn't handle the unpredictability of freelance work. I am however hoping to set up my own business doing make up for weddings and parties.

*On the YouTube front, I have sadly broken my computer a long while ago and the only computer we have is my Mums old work one which is from the stone age. So videos are also on the back burner whilst I save up for a Mac Book Pro which is also a wee way off at the moment. Hopefully I'll try and do something soon, I also need to find my Flip that has mysteriously gone walk abouts.

Anyway like I said I'm going to try my best to update this as much as possible (every day hopefully) so stick with me and hopefully I won't let you down, Here's a few pics of the last year or so!! Hope you all enjoy!

I've mainly tried to only put pictures of me (sorry) as I'm not currently sure if my friends will be ok with me putting their faces on Blogger.com but there is one of the Mr which I hope he doesn't mind! any speak soon xxx